Automatic Taping Tool Repair Services

Great Lakes Taping Tools offers complete drywall taping tool repairs on NorthStar, TapeTech, Drywall Master, Columbia, BlueLine / Premier drywall tools. We are very selective on what parts we choose to use, carrying NorthStar Parts and TapeTech Parts as we want you to be confident that we aren't skimping on the tools that support your livelihood. All repairs are done by the owner himself, so there is great consistency from one repair to another. 

How much do rebuilds cost?

There are a number of factors that determine the cost of taping tool repairs, the condition of the tool of course being the biggest factor. We make it a point to provide an estimate of repair work before we start, and make sure to notify the customer if we should find anything that would generate significant unexpected cost along the way. Our bench fee for repairs is $40 per hour.  Most small tool repairs (angle heads, flat boxes, pumps, handles) are completed within 1 hour.  Automatic tapers are typically 1-2 hours. We stay competitive with our parts pricing, provide a full detailed invoice, and return the parts we removed when practical.