Pro Tips

Joint Compound Tips

How much water should I add to my joint compound?

We often have people new to automatic taping tools ask us how much water to add to their joint compound for certain applications with automatic taping tools. This article is intended to give some basic guidelines for the different phases of the taping and finishing process when just starting out using automatic taping tools.

What joint compound should I use with the automatic taper?

Everyone has different methods and preferences when it comes to the mud they use for taping joints. This article is meant to give you some basic pointers in choosing the right joint compound to run through your automatic taper.

What joint compound should I use in the flat boxes?

Whether you are completely new to finishing drywall, or whether you are making the transition from finishing by hand to using automatic taping tools, this article is meant to give you some basic pointers on the pros and cons of different types of joint compounds.

Flat Box Tips

How do I adjust the crown on my flat boxes?

We often have people ask us about how to make adjustments to their flat boxes. In this article we'll give some basic pointers on how to make adjustments to most any manufacturer's flat box. 

Should I wipe behind my flat boxes?

We are often asked whether or not you should wipe behind or "trace" behind your flat boxes. This article aims to give you some things to consider when deciding if tracing behind your flat boxes is best for your finishing system.

Angle Head Tips

Finishing corners with angle heads

Out of all of the processes involved in finishing with automatic taping tools, finishing corners is probably the toughest process to get down. This difficulty has led many to think that it's just better to coat angles by hand. This lengthy article is aimed at helping you finish corners with little to no touch up.