Columbia Predator Tactical Set

  • Columbia Predator Tactical Set
  • Columbia Predator Tactical Set

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The NEW Predator Tactical Set makes moving to Automatic Taping Tools easy! Every taping tool you will need to completely finish a house comes packaged inside our durable, rugged Road Case. This set takes the guess work out of choosing the perfect drywall taping tools kit.

Note: Columbia Automatic boxes do not fit in Road Case.


  • Road Case
  • PREDATOR Automatic Taper
  • 10" Flat Box
  • 12" Flat Box
  • Matrix Flat Box Handle
  • 7" Tomahawk Smoothing Blade
  • 24" Tomahawk Smoothing Blade
  • 8" Throttle Box
  • 3" Anglehead
  • Hot Mud Pump
  • Box Filler & Gooseneck
  • Inside Corner Roller
  • AHA
  • 3" Nail Spotter
  • Columbia One Handle
  • Columbia One Extendable Handle
  • Sander Head
  • Twist Lock Handle
  • Tomalock Adapter for Smoothing Blades
  • Repair Kits: ​​AH-RK, FFBR9-10, FFBR9-12, FFBR7-7A, CTR-1

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