Drywall Master Pro Full Set W/ Extendable Handles

  • Drywall Master Pro Full Set W/ Extendable Handles

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This Drywall Master pro finishing set with all extendable handles is the perfect option for the person who wants a full set of automatic drywall taping tools that includes the automatic taper. The extendable handles keep you from having to switch handles on the boxes when running ceiling joints. The extendable corner tool handles will allow you to get into to closets easier and also reacher higher ceilings. The 2.5" and 3.5" angle heads are the perfect combination for taping and finishing corners. The 8" corner box hold more mud than the 7" corner box. The 10" and 12" flat boxes are the perfect combination to coat both flat joints and butt joints. The flat boxes are the classic body style that allow you to hook you fingers in the box if you so desire. 

This Finishing box set includes the following items:

  • 01DMTT Drywall Master King automatic taper
  • 02DMPP Drywall Master loading pump
  • 03DMPA Drywall Master box filler adapter
  • 04DMPG Drywall Master gooseneck adapter
  • 10DMFF Drywall Master 10" classic flat box
  • 12DMFF Drywall Master 12" classic flat box
  • X-DMFH Drywall Master 38"-60" extendable flat box handle
  • 25DMCFW Drywall Master 2.5" Bonehead angle head with wheels
  • 305DMCFW Drywall Master 3.5" Bonehead angle head with wheels
  • X-DMCH Drywall Master extendable angle head handle 3' - 5'
  • 06DMCR Drywall Master inside corner roller
  • X-DMCR Drywall Master extendable corner roller handle 3' - 5'
  • 18DMCAH Drywall Master 8" corner box
  • X-DMCA Drywall Master extendable corner box handle 3' - 5'
Also compatible with: 
 ✓ NorthStar™ 
 ✓ TapeTech®  
 ✓ Columbia  
 ✓ Concorde  
 ✓ TapeMaster®  

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