NorthStar™ Custom Flat Box Set

This custom NorthStar flat box set allows you to choose your flat boxes and flat box handle.

1 x NorthStar™ Flat Box Select 1
1 x NorthStar™ Flat Box Select 2
1 x NorthStar™ Flat Box Handle Select
1 x ✓ Includes NorthStar™ Loading Pump
1 x ✓ Includes NorthStar™ Filler Nozzle
Total Bundle Price $1,439.25

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• NorthStar Carbon Fiber Extendable Flat Box Handle 40"-62"

• NorthStar™ 12" High-Top™ Flat Box

• NorthStar™ FaStar Clean™ Loading Pump

• NorthStar™ 10" High-Top™ Flat Box

• NorthStar™ 12" Classic Flat Box

• NorthStar™ 12" FaStar Clean™ Flat Box

• NorthStar™ 10" Classic Flat Box

• NorthStar™ 10" FaStar Clean™ Flat Box

• NorthStar™ AdjuStar™ Flatbox Handle 40"-62"

• NorthStar™ Stainless Steel Filler Nozzle