6-32 x 1/4 Socket Cap Screw

  •  6-32 x 1/4 Socket Cap Screw. Part number SHW-016

The 6-32 socket cap screw is used to bolt the front bracket on to the main tube on the NorthStar extendable flat box handle. It can also be used to bolt the taper head to the taper body.

Part #: 
 ✓ NorthStar™ 
 ✓ TapeTech®  
 ✓ Drywall Master  
 ✓ Columbia  
 ✓ Concorde  
 ✓ TapeMaster®  

This part fits the following models:
  • Elite Taper FX (NS-39EFX)
  • ELITE™ Series Automatic Taper (NS-39e)
  • Hybrid™ Carbon Fiber Taper (NS-39ECF)
  • Standard Automatic Taper (NS-39)
Compatible part numbers: