Rankee 3' - 8' Universal Extension Handle



Extendable corner roller handle is the best drywall handle on the market. It’s an anodized aluminum corner roller handle that features a unique “twist lock” design. The Rankee corner roller handle can be used as an angle head handle with optional adapter. Extends from 3' to 8' feet with a simple twist of the wrist! This extension pole works with many drywall corner rollers.

The optional Angle Ball Adapter (R-0007) turns this handle into an Extendable Angle Head Handle. Coarse Thread Adapter (R-0006A) will allow you to use this pole with most sanding heads, texture brushes, knockdown knives and paint rollers. This is the best drywall sanding pole you will ever own when paired with super sander adapter or the coarse thread adapter.

Fits the following tools:

Also compatible with: 
 ✓ TapeTech®  
 ✓ Drywall Master  
 ✓ Columbia  
 ✓ Concorde  
 ✓ TapeMaster®  

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