TapeTech® Cleaning Nozzle Adapter



TapeTech cleaning nozzle adapter kit is used to thoroughly clean the inside of the automatic taper head by flushing water through the filler valve. It can also be used to clean other tools that have nozzles such as Mud runners, angle boxes, and compound tubes. The O-ring that seals this adapter to your taper fill nozzle is the standard o ring that goes inside the box filler and gooseneck.

This adapter threads on the metal style garden nozzles that have a threaded male end at the sprayer end.

Also compatible with: 
 ✓ NorthStar™ 
 ✓ TapeTech®  
 ✓ Drywall Master  
 ✓ Columbia  
 ✓ BlueLine  
 ✓ Concorde  
 ✓ TapeMaster®  

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