Filling the taper

This TapeTech video goes over filling the automatic drywall taper. This video is a great place to start if you are new to automatic taping tools and you want to better understand the design and function of your new TapeTech automatic drywall taper.

Most everything in this video will apply to all other automatic drywall taper brands as well. 

Some of the basics covered in this video are:

  • Shutting the valve before you fill the automatic taper
  • Seating the automatic taper securely and firmly in the gooseneck
  • Keeping a finger in the end of the taper tube to prevent over filling and pressurizing the head
  • Setting the taper on your foot is a great way to save wear on your tube protector and also prevents you from slamming the weight of the compound on the piston, stressing the cable
  • Opening the valve and manually advancing compound and tape with the drive dog on the left side of the automatic taper.