Columbia 3.5" Combo Flusher

  • Columbia 3.5" Combo Flusher


Columbia drywall corner roller/ corner flusher combo is designed to roll and glaze the tape simultaneously.

Each flusher is hand ground and checked on a granite plate for perfection. Each one comes with wheels and an allen key for those who prefer not to use them. (not pictured)


  • Precision hand ground and set
  • 3 designs: 2.5", 3", 3.5"
  • Hand made from U.S. aluminum and steel components
  • They fit standard angle head poles as well as corner applicators
Also compatible with: 
 ✓ NorthStar™ 
 ✓ TapeTech®  
 ✓ Drywall Master  
 ✓ BlueLine  
 ✓ Concorde  
 ✓ TapeMaster®  

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