NorthStar™ High Top 10" - FaStar Clean 12" Box Set

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• NorthStar™ 10" High-Top™ Flat Box

• NorthStar Carbon Fiber Extendable Flat Box Handle 40"-62"

• NorthStar™ 10" Classic Flat Box

• NorthStar™ 12" Classic Flat Box

• NorthStar™ 12" FaStar Clean™ Flat Box

• NorthStar™ 12" High-Top™ Flat Box

• NorthStar™ 8" Classic Flat Box

• NorthStar™ 8" High-Top™ Flat Box

• NorthStar™ AdjuStar™ Flatbox Handle 40"-62"

• NorthStar™ FaStar Clean™ Loading Pump

• NorthStar™ Short-Stop™ Flatbox Handle 24"-32"

• NorthStar™ Stainless Steel Filler Nozzle

1 x ✓ Includes NorthStar Extendable Box Handle
1 x ✓ Includes NorthStar 10" High Top Flat Box
1 x ✓ Includes NorthStar 12“ Quick Clean Flat Box
1 x ✓ Includes NorthStar™ Loading Pump
1 x ✓ Includes NorthStar™ Filler Nozzle

This flat box set is a great way to get started with drywall tools. These flat boxes will save you a ton of time, and are very easy to use. The HighTop 10" gives you extra capacity for bed coating, and the Fastar Clean 12" is standard capacity for easy skim coating. The Extendable box handle will allow you to run wall joints as well as running up to 10" ceiling joints from the floor without switching handles.

This set Includes:

  • NorthStar Fastar Clean Pump
  • NorthStar Stainless Steel Box Filler 
  • NorthStar AdjuStar Extendable Flat Box Handle
  • NorthStar 10" High-Top Flat Box
  • NorthStar 12" FaStar Clean Flat Box