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NorthStar™ ELITE Series™ Full Set

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This product is available for pre-order because it is either on back order from the manufacturer or temporarily out of stock. Our pre-order status notifies you of the delay, but still allows you to proceed with your order with confidence. Pre-orders are considered sold to you based on the time of purchase so that you don't miss out when they are back in stock. If you purchase a tool set with items that are on back order, we will ship whatever is in stock of your order, and contact you with an ETA for the remainder of your order. See the "items currently on back order" tab below for more details. Feel free to contact us if you have questions prior to placing your order.

Back order full set

Items currently on back order:

• NorthStar Elite Taper FX

• NorthStar Hybrid Carbon Fiber Taper

• NorthStar™ 2.5" MaStar™ Angle Head

• NorthStar™ 3.5" MaStar™ Angle Head

• NorthStar™ 8" FaStar Clean™ Flat Box

• NorthStar™ Stainless Steel Gooseneck

• NorthStar™ Standard Automatic Taper

• NorthStar™ Straight Corner Box Handle 48"


The NorthStar ELITE Full Set includes:

  • NorthStar ELITE Taper
  • NorthStar Pump
  • NorthStar Stainless Steel Box Filler
  • NorthStar Stainless Steel Gooseneck
  • NorthStar 2.5" Angle head
  • NorthStar 3.5" Angle Head
  • NorthStar ELITE Series Corner Roller
  • NorthStar 7" Corner Box
  • NorthStar 10" Quick Clean Flat Box
  • NorthStar 12" Quick Clean Flat Box
  • NorthStar Extendable Flat Box Handle
  • NorthStar Extendable Corner Roller Handle
  • NorthStar Extendable Angle Head Handle
  • NorthStar Extendable Corner Box Handle

This full set is the top of the line full set-up with  everything that you need for taping and finishing drywall. The Extendable box handle will allow you to run wall joints as well as running up to 10" ceiling joints from the floor without switching handles.


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