TapeTech® Bazooka® Continuous Flow Corner Finishing Bundle


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The Ames/ TapeTech continuous flow corner finishing bundle gives you everything you need to start finishing corners the easy way! Great for use on large commercial drywall jobs.

This bundle includes:

  • CTPMP - Bazooka® Continuous Flow Pump
    • (Includes 50' hose, whip hose, and Z-Swivel)
  • CTVLV  RF controller
    • (for the Continuous Flow Corner Finisher Handle, and Taper) 
  • T14CF  Bazooka® CFS 42" Corner Finisher Handle
  • T14EC  Bazooka® CFS 60" Corner Finisher Handle
  • 48TT TapeTech 3" EasyRoll Corner Finisher
  • 48XTT TapeTech 3.5" EasyRoll Corner Finisher

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